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Introduces your classmates to ONE SPECIFIC discretionary benefit practice or current benefit trend. This should NOT be a general overview of many trends or offerings. Pick ONE and spend some time learning more about it.

To be included in the presentation:

1-Explain the one specific benefit/benefit trend so your classmates clearly understand what the employer is providing to the employee

2-Explain WHY it is a timely topic (e.g., what problem does it help employers address for their employees or themselves?)

3-Describe specifically how this particular benefit / trend will be useful to recruit and retain top talent

4-Spend a little time during your presentation addressing the COST implications of this specific trend/offering. How will employers know they are getting VALUE for their investment here?

5-Any compliance/legal issues that need to be understood or considered?

6-What should employers consider when deciding HOW to COMMUNICATE this information to their employees?

Examples of articles/links to help inform your choice of a SINGLE SPECIFIC benefit offering or trend (you can search for / identify whatever trend or practice you prefer, but it has to specifically relate to either discretionary or legal benefits as described in ch 9 & 10 in our textbook)

https://www.shrm.org/ResourcesAndTools/hr-topics/benefits/Pages/default.aspx (explore the resources SHRM has to offer on the topic!)
https://fortune.com/best-companies/  (reading about what specific benefit offerings the BEST companies offer is a great way to become aware of newest trends)