Design, usability and mockups

Mock up MVP of online boxing website

a website that teaches boxing online during the covid 19, -prototype must be done using marvelapp-deliverable must be submited posting the link of the ‘play’ button to see the final result-design must be realistic, so no ‘default components’ will be considered as  a good job-workflows must be complete and closed. make sure a user can …

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CANVA TOOL graphic design

Using as examples the following ones: And using CANVA as a tool,Create an infographic explaining the content shared in the  the ‘Personal Management’ slides attached objective is to explain how to plan your work better

E-Learning videos

We have to make 5 videos each video has to be more than 2 minutes it has to be you teaching something. I will have to put my voice in it and I will do that but I just need u to make the videos for me for my idea Ill be teaching KG students …

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Interactive Algorithmic System

Design and execute an original interactive algorithmic design that explores creative behaviors. Your design should demonstrate your ability to use programming as a creative tool. The work must not be a video game and the code submitted in A3 cannot be based on the code submitted in A1. Your design should draw on the theories …

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JavaFX Application Stage/Scene Wireframe

OverviewIn this assignment, you will design and create the wireframes for each of the application screens. The organization has a template application that they use for any custom GUI applications using JavaFX. Using the CapestraApp template application from the file linked in Resources, create the layouts, labels, input fields, and buttons for each of …

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