Part 1: Pre-Assessment and Implementation During your previous observation in your field experience classroom, you identified 3-5 students, above, at, or below standard achievement who would benefit from additional learning support. You also identified the standards and unit that your mentor class is currently learning. With this information, develop a pre-assessment in the English Language …

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Unit 2 Leadership Theories IP

   Deliverance 6-7page  You have been called in to consult with the new principal of a large urban high school. The principal has just transferred from a smaller school in the suburbs of another city in another state. Her educational background includes one of the most prestigious schools of education in the country. In fact, …

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Unit 2 Leadership Theories DB

   Graduate Programs Discussion Boards Discussion Boards (DB) are a key component of online learning. They foster active participation of learners and dialog with fellow learners and instructors. Graduate-level courses require learners to create original posts to course DBs and to engage in dialogue by responding to posts created by others throughout the course. Original …

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  Having an understanding of various types of literary texts and genres of literature is crucial in order to know how to integrate them into English language arts lessons in an elementary classroom. Part 1: Matrix For this assignment, you will complete the Literary Genre Matrix to describe different types of literary texts and how …

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Field Experience

Part 1: Observation Observing a classroom environment can provide much needed detail and understanding of students learning needs and continued progress. For this field experience, observe a K-8 classroom during a math lesson. During your observation of the lesson, complete the Math Observation template. Speak with your mentor teacher and, provided permission, use any remaining …

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Reply To A Student

  Create a reply to the attached  post following the established guidelines .   Replies are to be substantial in nature and well referenced. Agreeing or not agreeing is not appropriate. the student made his ports from this Chapter 12 page 362 Week 12 1  I only need a paragraph with your opinion or input on …

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Revising My Paper Research

Revising my paper research  I would like someone revising my papers 1-Connection between ideas and translations 2-there are some sentences dont make senses and need to rewrite again to make clear   3-Organization and coherence   4- grammatical correctness