Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field invented outside of the U.S.

Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field invented outside of the U.S. (a) Describe the cultural and social factors in that country that led to this technologys invention. (b) Describe how this invention has evolved and influenced the culture of the U.S.(c) You must include at least two references.(d)Minimum word count: 300

Open Source Development Product

The aim of this thesis is to expose the potentiality of open source product development through an overview of the history, sustainability advantages, licencing and legal aspects, economics, related project (OSE), etc. As a mean to provide the tools to tackle the challenges of food shortage, the ongoing climate crisis and the centralization of power. …

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Urban studies

SHORT ANSWERS (4 @ 10 points = 40%) Pick four out of ten questions listed below. For each question be sure to include reference to at least two required readings in USP2. See instructions at the end of this study guide spelling out how we want you to handle references in the body of your …

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The purpose of this project is to enable students in Cities of the World to develop a critical understanding of the challenges and prospects for one city or an urban region in the world based upon an assessment of its origins, current conditions and plans for the future.  The assessment should explore what is distinct …

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It’s about sustainability.Select a book, article, or film from the list below. Write a review of 500-750 words. It must include: Proper citation  (MLA or APA format)Brief synopsis  (about 250 words)Strengths (2-3 things about the piece you found compellinguse quotes and page/scene references)Weaknesses (2-3 things about the piece you found less compelling, in need of …

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Any topic (writer’s choice)

An essay is a required part of the application process. The essay should distinguish you as a unique candidate for admission. For example, you may want to provide information on the personal experiences that have shaped your academic abilities, or give us a more thorough insight on your exceptional achievements. The information you provide in …

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Architecture and film

Review the following readings listed for Week 1 authored by your instructor along with course alumni: Anthony, Kathryn H. Learning from Hollywood: A Seminar on Architecture, Cinema, Environment and Behavior. Ricker Report. Vol. 3 (Fall 2020), pp. 174-191. Anthony, Kathryn, Fernando Nebot Gomez, and Yashashvini Rao. From Gangster City to Gotham City: The Changing …

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