Documented Repot

  Documented Reports (DRs) are three-page reports students write to discuss research critically, practice one or more research writing skills, and explore possible subjects for a final research paper.  For this assignment: Read these sources for the assignment instructions and to help you find and cite the two database articles you need in addition to …

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Short Essay For Discussion Board

Once again we’re going to imagine our ideal world that we began creating last week.  This time, we’ll specifically think about issues of human-environment relationships, and what that relationship might be in an ideal world. How do you imagine what the relationship between humans and nature ideally should be, and how does that differ (if …

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Critical Thinking Assingment 6

Because Coates’ essay is so big, you will use his essay again to write your next week of work.  Pick three different quotes from The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates (604). 2. Write three abbreviated body paragraphs, using the PIE format: (Point, Illustration A, Illustration B and Explanation). POINT: What is the problem presented by the quote? (1 …

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Sand County Almanac By Aldo Leopold

  Please respond to all 6 of the question sets below with full paragraphs and original thoughts. Use short quotations from the text or any of the other course materials we have read so far to support your ideas and perspectives and make connections. Sand Count Almanac Foreword KEY CONCEPT: COMMUNITY Leopold encouraged people to …

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  Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week. Taking on the role of the expert in the treatment of schizophrenia or depression, you will prepare a presentation for a group of physicians who are seeking your opinion on the treatment …

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  You have 2 Discussion Question options this week – please pick one and answer it in a minimum of 175 words:  Option 1: After reading the article, Managing Resistant Clients, explain (in your own words) the concept of resistance in a therapeutic relationship. Why does it happen? What do you think the implications are? …

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 Review the information concerning the history and evolution of criminal gangs. From the textbook readings and supplemental literature reviews, discuss the major differences in the investigation of two types of gangs identified by the student (e.g., street gangs vs. prison gangs) and the contemporary criminal investigation theories, concepts, and practices to investigate each. 

English 3 Composition

develop a one- or two-paragraph response to the following: Identify one of the main themes used in the story. Explain the message the author is conveying by telling the story in this way. Provide at least one specific example and at least one quotation from the story to illustrate your point.  Discuss how this message …

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Pay For Performance

NO PLAGIARISM  MEET REQUIREMENTS  MEET DEADLINE  Design a Pay for Performance Plan based on efficiency, equity, and compliance. Explore four major goals that are Pay for Performance Based. Your plan should be at least three pages long, and include two scholarly external resources.