In-text citation with only author’s last name and the page number. ex: (Smith, 100).

textual critical paper

Textual criticism on Matthew 10:16-22. The essay should reflect your own engagement with the primary text. Since this is a response/reflection essay, you are encouraged not to consult commentaries while writing them. However, you may consult Sacra Pagina (The Gospel of Matthew by Daniel Harrington as provided), as it is a primary textbook for this …

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theology integration paper

Based on the articles provided, write a theological integration essay. 4 different articles are uploaded. Please look at good sample papers that are uploaded. Disregard the footnote on paper. Use simple language. No redundancies. The essay needs to be clear, focused expositions about a doctrine in dialogue with the required readings from the course. While …

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No title page and no bibliography page.1. Draft paper: use provided draft to edit and combine any duplicated or repetitive content. (This paper’s content will be used to agree on)2. Use provided second article to add to the previous paper. (This article will be used to disagree on).3. Only in-text citation (Smith, 100).