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Write a program that simulates a lottery.     The program shall have an array of five integers named lottery and should generate a random number in the range of 0 through 9 for each element in the array.    The user shall enter five digits, which are stored in an integer array named user.  …

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Level 1 Activity 5

For this activity, you will be creating a questionnaire (the list of questions used for a survey). The ASU PR team has asked you to create this questionnaire to evaluate an upcoming campaign they are planning. The overall goal of the campaign is to increase the number and dollar amount of donations for ASU research …

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Imagine a “black box” data structure you can push data into it and pop data out, but you cannot look at the implementation. Write a program to consider a series of push commands and expected pop values, then report on the nature of the black box structure. It might be:

how the internet works website

The objective of this assignment is to get you familiarized with how the Internet works. You need to work individually for this assignment. You need to create a website (like one in the History of the Internet assignment) and explain some of the following topics: Domain names and ICANNIP Addresses, Packets and RoutingDNSHTTP and HTTPS …

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history of the internet

With your partner your need to make a website about the history of the Internet based on the videos in this unit. Your website needs a homepage, team page (about you and your partner with a link to linkedin), an about page that describes that this is an assignment for the course, it needs a …

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The implementation of a simple but efficient randomized algorithmfor finding the ith order statistic, using divide and conquer.Definition 1. The ith order statistic of an array A of n numbers is (1) the ith smallest numberin A, if i n; or (2) not defined, otherwise.Note that the given array A is arbitrary and may not …

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Long Integer Addition

Can you please type this out and in java? thank you! For this assignment you are to write a class that supports the addition of extra long integers, by using linked-lists. Longer than what is supported by Java’s built-in data type, called long. Your program will take in two strings, consisting of only digits, covert …

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Watch a Video titled “Reasons for Writing”

Watch a video titled, “Reasons for writing” it is approximately 28 minutes long and answer  5 questions in  its entirely.  I will upload the video and the questions. Required Video: