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Discussion Topic- disorder of the urinary system

Discussion Topic

In this forum, choose one of the disorder of the urinary system (Chapter 9)

Your post must include the following information

  • root(s), suffix and prefix of the disease
  • cause(s) of the disorder
  • risk factors of the disorder
  • signs and/or symptoms
  • how is it diagnosed
  • how it affects the body overall
  • treatment(s) and/or cure.
  • what is the prognosis?
  • citation for any references (text, website etc) used. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE (this will result in a severe reduction of your grade). Paraphrase and cite your reference.
  • If choosing UTI, cystitis, or nephrolithiasis, chooses a specific type.

(Minimum of 250 words in length).


Course Materials :

Marie A. Moisio and Elmer W. Moisio (2016). Medical Language: Focus on Terminology Third Edition. Thompson Delmar, Albany, New York. ISBN: 978-1-285-85421-2