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1.  Analyze and compare on a table the following two IO: IMF and World Bank in terms of:  

a.  Obligations

b.  Compliance

c.  Enforcement

2.  What has happened to the exchange-rate value of the dollar in each case? Explain.

a.  The spot rate goes from $1.25/SFr to $1.20/SFr. 

b.  The spot rate goes from SFr 0.90/$ to SFr 1.77/$.

d.  The spot rate goes from $0.010/yen to $0.019/yen.

e.  The spot rate goes from 101 yen/$ to 100 yen/$.

3.  Calculate the Human Development Index of your country. Use parameters from the Human development report 2019 below.

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4.  For the past year, a country has 200 million of exports of goods and services, 160 million of imports of goods and services, 60 million of income received from foreigners, and 40 million of net unilateral transfers. What is the range of values for income paid to foreigners, so that each of the following would be true?

a. The country has a current account surplus. 

b. The country has a deficit for its goods and services balance.

c. The country is a net borrower from the rest of the world.


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