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Virtualization and cloud services continue to gain momentum as more  and more organizations desire to reduce costs while improving  efficiency. According to Portnoy (2012), Once the infrastructure  services are virtualized and an organization starts to reap some of the  fiscal benefits of their new strategy, an active program is put in place  to move to the next level. As servers come off their leases, those  workloads are migrated to the growing infrastructure. Companies usually  adopt virtualization-first policies, which state that as new projects  come in house, any server requirements will be satisfied by the virtual  resources, rather than by paying for new physical resources. Actual  hardware will be purchased only if it can be proven that the need cannot  be satisfied with the virtual environment. (Understanding the  Importance of Virtualization).


Portnoy, Matthew. (2012). Virtualization essentials. [Books24x7 version] Available from

Based on your research, write a 35page paper that compares the  adoption and implementation of virtualization versus physical server  infrastructure. The paper should also discuss the costs and support  considerations of the two technologies. This paper is to be written for  the executive leadership of the company, in an effort to persuade them  to invest in virtualization as a cost-effective option toward managing  the enterprise network.

Assignment Requirements

All papers must meet these standard requirements:

  • Paper follows APA formatting.
  • Length is 35pages long, not including references and cover page.
  • As you research various access technologies, ALL of the pages must have citations and references.
  • No more than three bulleted or listed points per paper.
  • Bulleted lists without substantial narrative included are strongly discouraged.
  • No more than one directquotation (of 40 words or more) per page from  a reference source and those quotes must be properly cited within the  body and in the references at the end of the paper.
  • References are required for all sources, and all figures and tables must be captioned in APA format.
  • Title page
  • Reference page