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USF Contemporary Art Museum

Submit your claim about your cultural experience to this assignment before the due date, so that you may avoid a plenty to your final grade for the essay.
Review the assignment and the different elements which you must address. 1) What option did you pick for your cultural event? If you picked the museum, what details about the architecture and the space did you write down? 2) What thematic element will you address which we have discussed in class? 3) You must write an original definition of that concept. In other words, how will you describe that concept for the reader?

When you went to the museum, for instance, did you see any artwork(s) in which the artist(s) depicted the female form? If so, you might address the concept of objectification or how the artist challenges that concept. What artistic elements will you be addressing in you analysis of that artwork?
If you are working on the film, again, what thematic concept will you address in regard to this movie?  What scenes from the movie will you be discussing and why?